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Why isn't my init.vim loaded?

TL;DR - Set the oni.loadInitVim flag to true.

Oni does not load your init.vim by default; this is to minimize conflicts with Oni's out-of-box configuration. However, you can opt-in to loading your init.vim by setting the oni.loadInitVim configuration value to true.

If you find that Oni's defaults conflict with yours, you can also set another configuration value - oni.useDefaultConfig to false. This will prevent loading Oni's default set of plugins and settings, in order to minimize conflicts with your configuration.

See Configuration for more details on configuring Oni.

Why isn't Oni loading NeoVim for me?

TL;DR - Set the ONI_NEOVIM_PATH environment variable to point at your nvim binary.

Oni on Linux doesn't come with a bundled version of NeoVim, and instead will attempt to load the nvim binary from the host machine. This can potentially fail if neovim isn't installed in a standard way, such as using the nvim.appimage, resulting in the "Oh no!" UI on launching Oni.

To get around this, you can set the ONI_NEOVIM_PATH environment variable to point to the NeoVim binary. If you are using an .appimage, ensure it is executable.

Please note: This path should be the full path, rather than a path relative to the home directory. See the example below.

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