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GPicView - A Simple and Fast Image Viewer for X
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GPicView GtkImageView porting - project of Google Summer of code 2010 

GPicView is the standard picture viewer of LXDE.
GPicView features lightening fast startup and intuitive interface.

Developed by 洪任諭 (Hong Jen Yee, aka PCMan) Copyright © 2007,
Released under GNU General Public License.

The image viewer is designed to be lightweight, but is has some old unresolved bugs.

Now it's time for a rewrite!

 - Port image viewing part to use GtkImageView library.
This is a nice library designed specifically for building image viewers.
It's fast and memory efficient and did a much better work than ours.

 - Use GtkUIManager to create toolbars and menus.

 - Load image files with gio so remote files can be loaded as well.

 - Load images with multi-threading to prevent blocking of UI.

 - Optional supports for preloading previous and next images in the folder.

 - List image files in folder with GIO rather than GDir to support Remote filesystems. Again, this should use

 - While the directory is still being loaded, the user should be able to navigate through the list of files that are
 already found without blocking of UI.

 - Add ability to select a region of the image and crop to it.

 - Support printing with Gtk+ printing APIs

 - Able to call external programs to open the image file. (Use GAppInfo in glib/gio)

 - Able to show EXIF information properly. (In a user friendly way)

 - Add a properties dialog showing detailed info of current image. (EXIF, size, mtime, ...etc.)

 - Add support for slide show.

 - Optimize for comic reading if a comic book is detected.

 - File alteration monitoring: update the display if the file on disk gets changed.

 - Thumbnail support, can optionally have a bar containing a list of thumbnails for easy navigation.

 - Add screenshot taking ability to GPicView. (gpicview --screenshot)

 - A prompt dialog to let the users select some capture options:
   -Full screen
   -Single window
   -Selected region
   -Including mouse cursor
   -Time delay (in seconds)

Crop image functional of the GPicView's sources handling are adopted from
the Viewnior by Siyan Panayotov <>.

If you have any questions, ask them to:

-irc at irc: on #lxde


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