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  • Generate changelogs between 2 latest releases

How to install

npm install -g github-changelogs-maker

How to use

Access token

Firstly, you need a personal access token to access list of repos.

  • Go to Personal access tokens
  • Choose Generate new token
  • In Select scopes, choose just repo
  • Run github-changelogs-maker --token=YOUR_TOKEN to specify your token. This is needed only when you change your token. It is cached so you don't need to specify it again.

Generating changelog

Step 1: Add new release 🚀

To lists all closed issues and merged pull requests between 2 lastest releases, so you need to create a new release first.

Step 2: Specify owner and repo 😎

This is all you need to do

github-changelogs-maker --owner=OWNER --repo=REPO

For example, this is how it is done in to diff betweens and

github-changelogs-maker --owner=Alamofire --repo=Alamofire

Step 3: Copy the changelog 🎸

The changelog is print to the console, just copy and paste it into your new release description.

Here is how it looks for Alamofire

Merged pull requests
- Add GitHub templates for issues and PRs., by [jshier](
- Remove Swift version checking for Xcode 9 beta 3., by [jshier](
- Add an NSLock for the task delegate’s task., by [jshier](
- Update, by [andyRon](
- Add Jazzy Docs, by [aamctustwo](
- Update docs with root_url to properly allow Dash downloads., by [jshier](
- Fix dash download, by [jshier](
- Added resolved radars section to the README and moved 26761490 into it., by [cnoon](
- Update Readme to current version, by [kimdv](
- Fixed `substring` API warnings for Swift 3.2 and up, by [htinlinn](
- Alamofire 4.5.1 Release, by [cnoon](
- fix updated Requirements, by [Coeur](

Closed issues
- Send utf-8 parameters
- Thread sanitizer issue during retry
- Build error with Swift Package Manager
- Invalid value around character 0.
- Request Hashed Public Key Pinning
- How can I send Parameters like:  [[String: Any]] instead [String: Any] ?
- Https request using Alamofire with AWS beanstalk, nodejs , and NginX
- How do I make NTLM request?
- 403 error for responseData call if the url has expiry
- Swift 4 Warning: (String slicing subscript instead of substring(with:))
- Failed to load Info.plist from bundle
- Add Jazzy Docs


Khoa Pham,


Thanks to my friends timkurvers and sindrenm for helping me manage my node versions and publish this package ❤️


github-changelogs-maker is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.


🍻 Generate changelogs between 2 latest releases








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