Raphael Radar is a JavaScript library to draw a controlable radar chart using Raphael.js, a JavaScript library to draw SVG
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ono/raphael-radar is a refactored version of Raphael-Radar

Screen Shot

The objectives of refactoring are...

  • Work with the latest version of Raphael.
  • Easy customization. Especially for cosmetic changes.
  • Fix some bugs.
  • Support multiple groups of scores.
  • Remove unnessesary code from the library and put the idea into example.
  • Make the code simpler.

Please note that there is no compatibility with the original version.


Seeing example is always the best way to understand how it works. Here is an example code.

I am thinking of making the page nicer and adding an example to handling events on the chart near future.


  • Accept Raphael attributes for scores.
  • Better example page with code view.
  • Lincense information.

Special Thanks to

  • KURAZEKO Kyohe for original version.
  • Yoshihide Tsuda for desigining a rich version of sample chart.