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Analysis tools for OOI Requirements
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Analysis tools for OOI Requirements. It parsed an Excel spreadsheet with CI requirements and produces an Excel spreadsheet with an analysis report.


python {in_filename} {out_filename}

  • The default in_filename is defined in the code.
  • The default out_filename is output/reqanalysis_{timestamp}


mkvirtualenv --no-site-packages --python=python2.7 req
easy_install pip
pip install xlrd
pip install xtwt
mkdir output

Analysis Remarks

  • Verification status is taken from the "Group" column of the L4 tab
  • A requirement is considered "addressed" if it is R1 or R2 verified or expected in the STC R3, or if one or more "addressed" child requirements exist.
  • There are duplicate child requirements in the L2-L3 and L3-L4 tabs. The "Num Parents" column shows the number of parents
  • If no link to a parent exists, an L4 requirement is not shown
  • Uplinks to L3 interface requirements are not considered
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