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A C port of the whitequark/parser's lexer.

Initially based on whitequark/parser#248 (thanks @alexdowad).

Can be use on Linux/Mac/Windows, requires MRI.


$ gem install c_lexer


c_lexer doesn't change any parser classes.

It provides 3 classes:

  • Parser::CLexer (C version of the lexer)
  • Parser::Ruby25WithCLexer (a subclass of parser/ruby25 that uses Parser::CLexer for lexing)
  • Parser::Ruby26WithCLexer (a subclass of parser/ruby26 that uses Parser::CLexer for lexing)

If you want CLexer to be a default lexer you can use the following patch:

require 'parser'
require 'c_lexer'

module Parser
  dedenter = Lexer::Dedenter

  Lexer = CLexer
  Lexer::Dedenter = dedenter

  Ruby26 = Ruby26WithCLexer


c_lexer follows versioning of the parser gem to avoid confusions like "which version of c_lexer should be used with the parser vX.Y.Z". For parser you should use c_lexer

c_lexer supports all versions of parser starting from


  1. Make sure that you have ragel installed.
  2. Clone the repo and fetch submodules with git submodule update --init.
  3. The parser gem is located under vendor/parser.
  4. rake ruby_parser:generate generates lexer.rb and parsers for the parser gem.
  5. rake c_lexer:generate generates lexer.c.
  6. rake compile compiles lexer.c to (or lexer.bundle depending on your platform).
  7. rake test runs parser tests using c_lexer as a default lexer.


Bug reports and pull requests are welcome on GitHub at

Before submitting a bug report, please, make sure that parser is not affected by the same issue. If it's a parser bug please report it to the parser repo and we will backport it afterwards.

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