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Open App Ecosystem

The Open App Ecosystem is a suite of integrated and open sourced apps which support transparent, democratic and decentralised organising.

The aim is for the software to act as a delivery mechanism for cultural viruses which decentralise money, information and control and promote happiness, empowerment and wellbeing throughout an organisation. They also have the side effect of helping organisations become more efficient, resilient and adaptable.

Key properties of an app

To be included in the ecosystem an app needs to have the following properties

  • Aligned: The purpose and intention of the app has deep alignment with the purpose of the ecosystem
  • Open Source: We are deeply committed to free and open software - AGPL or peer production
  • Interconnected: Plays friendly with the other apps, clear APIs and integrations
  • Quality: User interfaces and code we are proud to share with the world
  • Skinnable: Easy for people to rebrand and reassemble
  • Supported: A team of people committed to maintaining the app and supporting its users
  • Small: Does one thing only, if it does many things make them separate apps
  • Mobile: Designed to support mobile and web interfaces

The Apps

  • Holodex - relates people and groups in a network
  • Cobudget - helps groups collaborate on budgets
  • Loomio - helps groups make better decisions together

Learn more

The project is very much in its early stages and our Loomio group is the best place to stay in touch and connect and collaborate.

This mix prize entry talks about Enspiral's journey with participatory budgeting and the backstory of Loomio which have been direct influencers of this ecosystem.

This video from Enspiral's founder also articulates some of the initial ideas behind the app.

Similar Projects

Other people have been thinking along similar lines. Perhaps we could align and have overlapping ecosystem's?