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Governance Policy Status Sync KinD testsLicense

Deprecation Notice

The standalone version of the controller has been removed in versions newer than v0.8.x. This controller is now part of governance-policy-framework-addon.


The governance policy status sync runs on managed clusters, updating Policy statuses on both the hub and (local) managed clusters, based on events and changes in the managed cluster. This controller is a part of the governance-policy-framework.

This operator watches for the following changes to trigger a reconcile:

  1. policy changes in the watched cluster namespace on the managed cluster
  2. events on policies in the watched cluster namespace on the managed cluster

Every reconcile does the following things:

  1. Creates/updates the policy status on the hub and managed cluster in cluster namespace

Geting started

Go to the Contributing guide to learn how to get involved.

Check the Security guide if you need to report a security issue.

Build and deploy locally

You will need kind installed.

make kind-bootstrap-cluster-dev
make build-images
make kind-deploy-controller-dev

Running tests

make test-dependencies
make test

make e2e-dependencies
make e2e-test

Clean up

make kind-delete-cluster

Updating operator.yaml

The deploy/operator.yaml file is generated via Kustomize. The deploy/rbac directory of Kustomize files is managed by the operator-sdk and Kubebuilder using markers. After updating the markers or any of the Kustomize files, you may regenerate deploy/operator.yaml by running make generate-operator-yaml.


  • The governance-policy-status-sync is part of the open-cluster-management community. For more information, visit: