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Governance Policy Template Sync KinD testsLicense

Deprecation Notice

The standalone version of the controller has been removed in versions newer than v0.8.x. This controller is now part of governance-policy-framework-addon.


The governance policy template sync runs on managed clusters and updates objects defined in the templates of Policies in the cluster namespace. This controller is a part of the governance-policy-framework.

This operator watches for changes on Policies in the cluster namespace on the managed cluster to trigger a reconcile. On each reconcile, it creates/updates/deletes objects defined in the spec.policy-templates of those Policies.

Geting started

Go to the Contributing guide to learn how to get involved.

Check the Security guide if you need to report a security issue.

Build and deploy locally

You will need kind installed.

make kind-bootstrap-cluster-dev
make build-images
make kind-deploy-controller-dev

Running tests

make test-dependencies
make test

make e2e-dependencies
make e2e-test

Clean up

make kind-delete-cluster


  • The governance-policy-template-sync is part of the open-cluster-management community. For more information, visit: