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Open Contracting Partnership

OCP is a silo-busting collaboration across governments, businesses, civil society, and technologists to open up and transform government contracting worldwide.


  1. standard standard Public

    Documentation of the Open Contracting Data Standard (OCDS)

    Python 130 48

  2. extension-explorer extension-explorer Public

    Disclose more data about your contracting processes, using extensions to the Open Contracting Data Standard

    SCSS 3

  3. standard_extension_template standard_extension_template Public template

    Use this template to author your OCDS extensions

    4 8

  4. kingfisher-collect kingfisher-collect Public

    Downloads OCDS data and stores it on disk

    Python 11 12

  5. spoonbill spoonbill Public

    A library and command-line tool to convert OCDS data from JSON to Excel/CSV

    Python 5 2

  6. ocdskit ocdskit Public

    A suite of command-line tools for working with OCDS data

    Python 14 6


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