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Open DAI Ordu Pilot Pois

POI (Points of Interest) provides location information about interesting points around the user location. The citizen or the tourist, after locating his position on a map, may ask for a specific location such as the nearest taxi, pharmacies, mosques, museums, cultural places, the nearest train station or the user can also ask for the nearest hospital.

There are several operations within this project for different purposes and different user requirements. These are:

Actions -- Description -- Related WS Operation

List POI types -- User is able to see to POI types -- listPOITypes

Show POIs on map -- User can see POIs on a map

List POIs by type -- User can search for POIs by type -- listPOIsByType

List POIs by area -- User can search for POIs by area

List closest POI by type -- User can find closest POI for related POI type --QueryClosestPOI

Get POI information -- User can reach the POI information

Get route to POI -- User is able to get route to POI from user location -- QueryClosestPATOI

Get WMS -- User can reach the maps as images for an area

Get WFS -- User can reach the vector spatial data for an area -- GetMapByCoordinate


Open DAI Ordu Pilot Pois



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