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Open Source Robotic Process Automation Software

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Download and try it out here 💾here and manage your 🔧OpenFlow account here

Join our 🤷💻🤦 Community Forum for for help or giving feedback

Join our 💬 community for for help or giving feedback

Click here for 💲🤷Commercial Support

Check out the 📘documentation or knows issue and updated documentation on our wiki pages

Also checkout OpenFlow, the "backend" for managing multiple robots at OpenFlow

First time installing and running OpenRPA

Workflow types and doing your first recording

Working with WorkItems

Recording in SAP

Getting table data in chrome

Automate using Image Recognition and OCR

Install and configuring High Density robots

A big thank you, goes out too

openiap for developing OpenRPA and OpenFlow

BPA for creating the documentation for OpenRPA

signpath for sponsoring the signing tool used by OpenRPA