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Unique Researcher Identity


Fragmented solution to the problem of unique researcher identity (URI) proposed by multiple centralized organizations, examples include:

  1. Researcher ID
  2. ORCID
  3. Google Scholar
  4. Researchgate


  • Create a unique researcher identity (URI) that can be stored, tracked, shared, and audited by blockchain technology
  • The URI can connect to the researcher's profile, research activities, references, and publications
  • Connect URI with IPIS to implement the "cost of idea"


  1. Encapsulate the researcher ID inside the Idea class of Interplanetary Idea System (IPIS)
  • This will be a roadmap feature as it is not feasible in the projects current state but is a goal as the project evolves
  1. Use third party services for Identification/Authentication (i.e. Civic) and for data collection via blockchain oracles (i.e. LINK)
  • CIVIC or uPort can be used as a forma of authentication
  • LINK or Oraclize can be used to pull data from existing researcher identity platforms such ORCID, Google Scholar, etc. and tie them into the URI model
  1. Hybrid approach
  • Combine the concept of IPIS and authenticator and oracle services from third party

Network Diagram

To help visualize how these solutions can combine together to help build a research ecosystem the following diagram has been put together.

OSO Network Diagram

Contract Design

To help visualize the URI design in code we are going through a Proof of Concept phase to accelerate the development process. An initial design idea can be seen with the Solidity contracts found in this repository.

Also, a high level Schema has been put together that will help serve as a goal for this Proof of Concept stage.

URI Schema


  1. http://www.jakobrdl.dk/blog/2015/02/why-orcid-and-researcherid-when-we-have-google-scholar