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The model

B-Tax is a model used to evaluate the effect of taxation on investment incentives.


The model is currently under development. Users should be forewarned that the model components could change significantly. Therefore, there is NO GUARANTEE OF ACCURACY. THE CODE SHOULD NOT CURRENTLY BE USED FOR PUBLICATIONS, JOURNAL ARTICLES, OR RESEARCH PURPOSES. Essentially, you should assume the calculations are unreliable until we finish the code re-architecture and have checked the results against other existing implementations of the tax code. The package will have released versions, which will be checked against existing code prior to release. Stay tuned for an upcoming release!


  • Clone this repo
  • From the cloned repo:
    • source activate webapp # see instructions in the webapp-public repo
    • conda install --file conda-requirements.txt # ensure you have xlrd
    • python install
    • run-btax # console entry point

B-Tax Model Contributors

  • Jason DeBacker
  • Ben Gardner

Citing the B-Tax Model

DeBacker, Jason, and Ben Gardner (2016), B-Tax (Version 0.1)[Source code],