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iredelmeier and rghetia Move basic example into its own subdirectory (#25)
This makes it more obvious (without having to look at the code) that
the basic example is actually an example, rather than something tied to
the other examples or some sort of metadata file.
Latest commit 541621c Jun 25, 2019

This is a prototype intended to be modified into the opentelemetry-go implementation. The api directory here should be used as a starting point to introduce a new OpenTelemetry exporter, wherease the existing exporter/observer streaming model should be help verify the api

To run the examples, first build the stderr tracer plugin (requires Linux or OS X):

(cd ./exporter/stdout/plugin && make)
(cd ./exporter/spanlog/plugin && make)

Then set the OPENTELEMETRY_LIB environment variable to the .so file in that directory, e.g.,

OPENTELEMETRY_LIB=./exporter/stderr/plugin/ go run ./example/server/server.go


OPENTELEMETRY_LIB=./exporter/spanlog/plugin/ go run ./example/client/client.go
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