ADL / AOM 2 (previously known as '1.5') core libs and parser
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ADL / AOM 2 (previously known as '1.5') core libs and parser

Getting Started


  • Java 7
  • Maven 3


The latest stable build is deployed into Maven Central repository. To include adl2 parser into your project, add this dependency into your pom:


Look into adl-parser directory for some examples about using the parser.

Build from source

Clone the project from github. Then, run:

mvn clean install

This will create jar files in the target directories of each submodule

Deploy to maven central repository

The project uses maven-release-plugin to deploy the artifacts to maven central.

First, make sure that there are no outstanding changes left to be committed, otherwise, the deployment will fail. Also, make sure that mvn clean install completes successfully.

To begin with deployment, run:

mvn release:prepare

This will ask you for the version of the deployed artifacts, name of the created scm tag, and the new development version, all of which will have sensible defaults. It may also ask you for your GitHub credentials. If there were any problems, run mvn release:clean to undo any changes.

Once the release is successfully prepared, you can deploy it with:

mvn release:perform

This will deploy the artifacts in the staging repository of OSS Repository Hosting. For information about releasing the artifacts from the staging repository in maven central, read

Short version:

  • Login in
  • Go to Staging Repositories (on left panel) and search for orgopenehr-####.
  • Select this repository, and press Close
  • One the repository is successfully closed, press Release
  • Artifacts should be synhronized to maven central within few minutes