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The next Command Line Interface to work with an openSUSE Build Service
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osc2 is an object-oriented rewrite of the Open Build Service command line tool osc.

Its aim is to improve the code structure and to provide a consistent commandline interface.

osc2 was developed in a number of Google Summer of Code (GSoC) projects, and condensed status reports were given regularly on the Open Build Service mailing list (, in 2011 as "osc code cleanup", and in 2012 as "osc2 client". Additionally more information about osc2 can be found here

Development environment

To setup a virtualenvironment to work on osc2 you need to install the dependencies from the requirements.txt file.

To install the python libraries you also need the development-packages for the following libraries:

  • libxml2 (in openSUSE: libxml2-devel)
  • libxslt (in openSUSE: libxslt-devel)
  • openssl (in openSUSE: libopenssl-devel)
  • libcurl (in openSUSE: libcurl-devel)

Make sure to set the PYCURL_SSL_LIBRARY environment variable before installing them using pip.

export PYCURL_SSL_LIBRARY=openssl
pip install -r requirements.txt
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