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This is the repository for the openSUSE release notes.

If you are looking for an online version of the release notes, see the documentation server.

To learn how to contribute, read on...



  • Make sure you can explain what is wrong or why a new entry is needed.
  • Before proposing a release notes entry about a concerns a software bug, make sure that the software bug itself is reported on Bugzilla.

Getting the Change In

If you see an issue or want to add an entry, you can contribute in two ways:

  • Create a bug report. You will need an openSUSE account to do so.

    • Make sure to mention the affected openSUSE version.
    • If you are proposing a new entry, create a draft entry.
  • Create a pull request on GitHub. You will need a GitHub account to do so.

    • Edit the file xml/release-notes.xml only. Language (PO) files are edited using Weblate and the file NEWS is updated only directly before packaging.
    • Make sure to pick the right branch to base your contribution on. master is used for openSUSE Tumbleweed release notes, Leap_* branches are used for openSUSE Leap versions. Usually, the default branch will be the current development version of openSUSE Leap.
    • If you are writing a new release note which was requested in a Bugzilla entry, append the bug number to your Git commit message. For example: "Add note on Barfoosation of Frob (boo#12345)"
    • If you are making a larger change which was not requested via Bugzilla, add a line containing only an asterisk character (*) after the normal commit message. This way, the commit message will be picked up for NEWS and the package change log later.


To translate openSUSE release notes, use Weblate.


Build Requirements

  • Task runner:
    • make
  • Building documentation output:
    • daps & suse-xsl-stylesheets
    • xsltproc
    • w3m
    • dejavu-fonts & google-opensans-fonts
  • Translation import:
    • gettext-tools
    • xml2po
    • xmlcharent

Manual Build

When the above dependencies are satisfied, you can create output using:

make linguas
make all

Build Service Build

  • On the build service, search for the package release-notes-openSUSE. This package contains everything you need to get the release notes to build on OBS.


  • The release notes are available packaged within the distribution and on the Web.


  • The name of package is release-notes-openSUSE.
  • The package is throughout the maintenance period of the distribution whenever need arises.

Web Version:

More Information

Find general information about the release notes at