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Running Apache Zeppelin notebooks inside ShinyProxy

The official Docker image apache/zeppelin can be used.

ShinyProxy Configuration

Create a ShinyProxy configuration file (see application.yml for a complete file), containing:

  - id: zeppelin
    display-name: Apache Zeppelin
    container-image: apache/zeppelin:0.8.1
    websocket-reconnection-mode: None
    port: 8080

In order to store the notebooks, the volumes on the host need to be mounted to point to /zeppelin/notebook inside container (and to /zeppelin/logs for the logs):

    container-volumes: [ "/tmp/zeppelin/#{proxy.userId}/notebook:/zeppelin/notebook", "/tmp/zeppelin/#{proxy.userId}/logs:/zeppelin/logs" ]

This will ensure that each user's notebooks are stored in a separate directory on the server. By modifying the host paths other scenarios can be implemented, such as shared notebook storage per user group, or shared storage for all users.

In addition to the notebooks, also the "interpreter binding" configuration need to be stored. This can be achieved by creating a folder on the Docker host containing conf files from Apache Zeppelin:

# creating `conf` folder
cd /tmp/zeppelin
wget -O zeppelin.tar.gz${VERSION}.tar.gz
tar --strip-components=1 -xvf zeppelin.tar.gz zeppelin-${VERSION}/conf
rm zeppelin.tar.gz

(alternatively run the helper script ./createConf /tmp/zeppelin 0.8.1)

and then mounting it to the container:

    container-volumes: [ "/tmp/zeppelin/#{proxy.userId}/notebook:/zeppelin/notebook", "/tmp/zeppelin/#{proxy.userId}/logs:/zeppelin/logs", "/tmp/zeppelin/conf:/zeppelin/conf" ]

Note that here the conf folder is shared across users.

(c) Copyright Open Analytics NV, 2019-2021.