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OpenAQ Platform

An open platform for air quality data

OpenAQ is an environmental tech nonprofit. We aggregate and harmonize open air quality data from across the globe onto an open-source, open-access data platform so that anyone concerned about air quality has unfettered access to the data they need to analyze, communicate and advocate for clean air. By providing universal access to air quality data, OpenAQ empowers a global community of changemakers to solve air inequality–the unequal access to clean air.


  1. openaq-api-v2 openaq-api-v2 Public

    OpenAQ API

    Python 39 9

  2. openaq-fetch openaq-fetch Public

    A tool to collect data for OpenAQ platform.

    JavaScript 83 39

  3. Public

    The OpenAQ website

    HTML 31 18

  4. openaq-explorer openaq-explorer Public

    OpenAQ Explorer web application

    TypeScript 2 3

  5. openaq-info openaq-info Public

    This repository contains information on the OpenAQ project.

    19 8

  6. awesome-air-quality awesome-air-quality Public

    An awesome list of air quality resources.

    44 9


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