Full text, footnotes, and formatting of the ASV Bible (1901).
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American Standard Version Bible (1901)

This project contains the complete text of the 1901 American Standard Version Bible, including paragraphs and footnotes.


Several editions of the ASV Bible appear online, but they all contain textual errors or have formatting limitations. The purpose of this project is to provide a high-fidelity digital edition of the ASV.


Footnotes contain the following changes from the original:

  1. Non-book abbreviations are spelled out (e.g., "cp." becomes "compare").
  2. Roman numerals ("Ps. xxiii") in passage references are Arabic ("Ps. 23") and follow modern punctuation standards ("Ps. 23:1").
  3. In some footnotes, an em space was used to separate clauses. These files instead use a period (".").


The files are in USX format, which is an XML derivative of the USFM format preferred by United Bible Societies.


Corrections are welcome. If you've found an error, please compare your correction to scans of the original print edition, which is what I aim to reproduce.

As red-letter text (marking the words of Christ in red) isn't a feature of the ASV, I'm not interested in adding that markup to the text. Red-letter text occasionally requires some interpretation (as in John 3), which the original translation team didn't provide.


In addition to PDFs of the source texts, the following digital editions were consulted:


The ASV Bible, published in 1901, was the first revision of the King James Version of 1611 to gain fairly widespread acceptance in the United States. It also served as the source text for the later RSV (followed by NRSV and ESV) and NASB translations.


This work is free of known copyright restrictions. It is in the public domain.

Public Domain Mark