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Exposes generic hwmon entries as DBus objects. More information can be found at Sensor Architecture

To Build

To build this package, do the following steps:

  1. meson setup build
  2. ninja -C build

To clean the repository run rm -rf build.

D-Bus bus names

To enable the use of Linux features like cgroups prioritization and udev/systemd control, one instance of phosphor-hwmon is intended to be run per hwmon sysfs class instance.

This requires an algorithm for selecting a stable, well-known D-Bus busname.

The algorithm is <PREFIX>-<ID>.Hwmon<N> where PREFIX is a meson configurable prefix (BUSNAME_PREFIX=xyz.openbmc_project by default), ID is either a std::hash of the /sys/devices path backing the hwmon class instance or provided suffix value from the command line, and N is the implemented phosphor-hwmon D-Bus API version.