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OpenBMC IPMI Library (Handler) For OEM IPMI Commands Corresponding to a Network Device Ethernet Statistics
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Ethernet Statistics Command (0x30)

There is the need to read a specific ethernet-level statistic value from the BMC. This is driven primarily to detect link errors that require hardware swaps during manufacturing.

This command will be well structured such that there is a request and response which mirror to some extent.

The request will specify the ethernet interface by name, as a length-prepended string, and the field they're requesting by identifier (an unsigned byte).

If the command is not supported, the IPMI OEM handler will respond accordingly, however, if the field is not supported or not recognized, the command will return 0xcc (invalid field).

The current ethernet statistics available (all future additions must append):

Identifier Human Readable Name
0 rx_bytes
1 rx_compressed
2 rx_crc_errors
3 rx_dropped
4 rx_errors
5 rx_fifo_errors
6 rx_frame_errors
7 rx_length_errors
8 rx_missed_errors
9 rx_nohandler
10 rx_over_errors
11 rx_packets
12 tx_aborted_errors
13 tx_bytes
14 tx_carrier_errors
15 tx_compressed
16 tx_dropped
17 tx_errors
18 tx_fifo_errors
19 tx_heartbeat_errors
20 tx_packets
21 tx_window_errors


Byte(s) Value Data
0x00 Statistic ID The identifier of the desired statistic.
0x01 Length Length of string (not including null termination).
0x02.. The name The string, not null-terminated.


Byte(s) Value Data
0x00 Stat ID The identifier of the desired statistic.
0x01.... Uint64 The value. Because these are counters we don't anticipate negative values, and we don't expect overflow.
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