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Open Source Computer Aided Dispatch System for Roleplay Communities.

Installation Requirements

  • Operating System: Linux or Windows
  • Webserver: Apache, IIS, or Nginx
  • PHP: 7.3 (Recommended), 7.2 (Minimum)
  • Database: MySQL >=5.5 or MariaDB >=10.0 (Recommended Version: 10.3)

Deployment Notes

Unsupported Environments

  • Free hosting of any kind

Important Notes

  • This has been tested to work on Linux, Windows and cPanel.
  • The OpenCAD Development team DOES NOT recommend the utilization of "free" webhosting solutions due to a multitude of reasons. We suggest Spearware Networks for web hosting.


Need Help? View our Documentation which has all the documentation you need.

Still Having Trouble? on the community Discord post your issue in #general-help.


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