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opencare Project Deliverables

This page enlists all the deliverables produced in the context of the project (January 2016 - December 2017), funded by the Horizon 2020 framework programme.


List of deliverables

The project is divided into 6 work packages:

WP1 - Learn, engage and disseminate

WP2 - Convene, nurture, drive and monitor a large-scale online conversation on care

WP3 - Prototype community-driven care services

WP4 - Design and evaluation of community-based health/social policies at scale

WP5 - Data processing for aggregating collective intelligence processes

WP6- Lead, govern and manage the project

WP7 - Ethics requirements

To get to know more of the project’s implementation, please read our proposal!

open by design

opencare deliverables - all being labeled with a public dissemination level - are disclosed on our website to the attention to the [European / world] citizens.

By doing so, we are fully compliant with the terms determined by our funding agreement (Article 29.1 Obligation to disseminate results, Horizon 2020 Grant Agreement model), and above all, with the spirit, which initiated and animated the opencare project.

These deliverables have been ideated and designed by the opencare consortium to allow people, communities and policy-makers to get inspired, fork, enhance or tailor to their very specific needs the research results we produced over these two years.


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