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gnmitest - A Test Framework for gNMI

The gnmitest framework contains a test runner, and a set of tests to validate an implementation of the gNMI protocol. The tests are schema-aware, such that they can also validate the payload carried by gNMI - particularly, this allows compliance tests against the OpenConfig schema to be implemented.

The framework is intended to:

  1. Perform compliance tests for gNMI against the specification.
  2. Validate compliance with the OpenConfig schema.
  3. Allow augmentation to qualify a specific implementation against a set of operational requirements, such as a mandatory set of paths.

The gnmitest framework can be used as part of a wider test framework, to perform device interactions such as setting configuration, or as a validator that particular telemetry values are sent by a device in response to a particular stimulus. Currently, gnmitest does not validate the correctness of data that is returned by telemetry, or the behaviour of the device once a configuration has been applied.

Note: This is not an official Google product.

Tests in gnmitest

The tests that the framework can run are specified under the tests directory, and are organised according to the gNMI RPC that they test.

Tests that validate the behaviour of streaming telemetry implementations can be found in the subscribe directory -- for example, providing schema compliance tests for paths in received Notifications, and checks for data completeness - such as all expected entries being present in a list. As the framework is extended, additional subscription tests (value compliance with the schema, path set completeness) will be implemented within this directory.

The getsetv directory contains tests that relate to the Get and Set RPCs. Particularly, these tests allow the retrieval and manipulation of configuration on a device.

You can also learn about executing gnmitest Suite and extending gnmitest Subscribe tests.


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