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This Tool has various functions to work with OCF swagger type definitions. The base function of DeviceBuilder is to:

  • create a single Swagger2.0 file from OCF swagger type definitions (IoTDataModels, Core,...) The single Swagger definition file of a full device (application level resources) can be used for:
    • code generation (as input of swagger2x)
    • generation of the introspection file.

This tool is part of the tool chain.

Table of Contents


Installation of DeviceBuilder is making a clone of the repository and use the tool relative of where the repository is located on your system. To install the dependencies:

run pip3 install -U -r requirements.txt to install the dependencies.

The full installation of all tools and repos can be achieved via setup.



Typical flow to create an OCF device using DeviceBuilder is:

Tool Chain

The tool chain script implements the following tool chain to generate code: ToolChain

The generated code depends on the available code generation templates in swagger2x.

Available scripts

Currently available DeviceBuilder script:

    • C code generation for the IoTivity stack in C.
    • see for details here
      • usage : see here for examples of the DeviceBuilder input format and command line options.
  • Note: there are more scripts but those will not use IoTivity as stack.

The DeviceBuilder script installs the following components:

Manual steps

Manual steps to build the generated code:

  • Download IoTivity
  • Edit build files in IoTivity
    • see additional instructions that are supplied with generated with the code.
  • Build
    • Instructions vary according the used platform
      • See read me file with the generated code
  • Test against CTT (see additional instructions that are supplied with the generated code)

Individual python tools

The usage of the individual python scripts in this repo can be found here