GeoJson POJOs for Jackson - serialize and deserialize objects with ease
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GeoJson POJOs for Jackson

A small package of all GeoJson POJOs (Plain Old Java Objects) for serializing and deserializing of objects via JSON Jackson Parser.


If you know what kind of object you expect from a GeoJson file you can directly read it like this:

FeatureCollection featureCollection = 
	new ObjectMapper().readValue(inputStream, FeatureCollection.class);

If you want to read any GeoJson file read the value as GeoJsonObject and then test for the contents via instanceOf:

GeoJsonObject object = new ObjectMapper().readValue(inputStream, GeoJsonObject.class);
if (object instanceof Polygon) {
} else if (object instanceof Feature) {

and so on.

Or you can use the GeoJsonObjectVisitor to visit the right method:

GeoJsonObject object = new ObjectMapper().readValue(inputStream, GeoJsonObject.class);

Writing Json is even easier. You just have to create the GeoJson objects and pass them to the Jackson ObjectMapper.

FeatureCollection featureCollection = new FeatureCollection();
featureCollection.add(new Feature());

String json= new ObjectMapper().writeValueAsString(featureCollection);

Maven Central

You can find the library in the Maven Central Repository.