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A starter presentation for Bespoke.js
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Bespoke.js Starter Presentation

A starter presentation for Bespoke.js.

Building the presentation


In order to use this project, you must first satisify the prerequisites of Bespoke.js.

  1. Node.js >= 0.12 [1]

  2. Gulp (command line interface only)

    $ npm install -g gulp-cli


Next, clone the repository and switch to the project directory:

$ git clone
  cd presentation-bespoke-starter

Then, install the required dependencies:

$ npm i

Now you’re all set to build the presentation!

Building the static version

You can build a static version of the slides using the following command:

$ gulp

The files are built into the public directory. You can view the slides by navigating to public/index.html in your browser.

Launching the preview server

The preview server will monitor files for changes and automatically update the presentation. You can launch the preview server using:

$ gulp serve

Once the server is running, you can view the slides by navigating to http://localhost:8000 in your browser.

1. We strongly recommend using nvm to manage Node.
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