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  1. Welcome to OpenDevSecOps! Our mission is to deliver highly-resilient, readily-available and free defensive and offensive devops security solutions to organisations large and small.

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  2. This is the main site of DevSecOps where you can read the blog, get summary of all solutions, explore docs and learn about current and future training events.

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  3. Course designed to to provide participants with the essential skills in the field of DevSecOps.

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  4. Terraform module which provides easy to configure AWS environment for running automated security scanning solutions at scheduled intervals.

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  5. Terraform module which provides darknet facilities for AWS infrastructures. A darknet is a type of a honeypot. The network exists within visible network ranges that are actively used but it does no…

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  6. This is an offensive guide to securing AWS infrastructures. The hope is that by knowing how to take advantage of various types of AWS weaknesses you will be verse enough to provide the correct coun…

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