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DevShop Drupal Behat Extension

This Behat extension simply extends the Drupal Behat Extension to make it a bit more useful.

It does not require DevShop, but some features are even better when using DevShop.

New Steps

Then I take a screenshot

This step, when used with a Selenium server and the test has a "@javascript" tag, will save a screenshot to the active website's files folder and print a link.

When I run "command"

This step simply runs exec() on any command and throws an exception if a non-zero exit code is thrown.

I select the radio button with a label that contains the string :label

This is very helpful for radio buttons that have a long or dynamic Label. Searches for the string instead of doing an exact match.

Other Features

Simplified setup.

This plugin is now included in the DevShop Composer Template, which is the easiest way to get a Drupal codebase running in DevShop.

If you already have a project, you can copy the entire contents of the tests folder into your project.

To start a new project, use the command:

composer create-project devshop/composer-template:8.x-dev --stability dev --no-interaction mynewproject

Step Failure Information

When any step fails, the test runner outputs the URL it was on, it saves the HTML and a screenshot to web-readable folders, and gives you a link, like so:

Feature: DevShop.Support Registration
  In order to use DevShop.Support
  As a customer
  I need to register a new account.

  @api @javascript
  Scenario: Pre-beta registration                                     # features/demos.feature:7
    Given I am an anonymous user                                      # Drupal\DrupalExtension\Context\DrupalContext::assertAnonymousUser()
    When I am on "home"                                               # Drupal\DrupalExtension\Context\MinkContext::visit()
    And I take a screenshot                                           # FeatureContext::iTakeAScreenshot()
      │ Screenshot: 
    Then I should see "Host Your Own Drupal"                          # Drupal\DrupalExtension\Context\MinkContext::assertPageContainsText()
      Element not found with xpath, //html
    │  Step Failed. 
    │  Site: 
    │  Current URL:
    │  Screenshot: 
    │  Last Page Output: 
    │  Watchdog Errors:
    │   ID     Date          Type      Severity  Message                               
    │   42785  13/Oct 14:39  page not  warning   favicon.ico                           
    │                        found                                                     
    │   42784  13/Oct 14:39  page not  warning   favicon.ico                           
    │                        found                                                     
    │   42783  13/Oct 14:39  actions   info      5 orphaned actions                    
    │                                            (comment_publish_action,              
    │                                            comment_save_action,        

Many more features are in the works!