Web Sender App Development

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Currently Web Sender Apps are available on Firefox OS 2.2. Please download flint_sender_sdk.js and add it to Firefox OS app project.

Device Discovery

var deviceScanner = new FlintDeviceScanner();
// scan new deivces
deviceScanner.on('devicefound', function(device) {
    // get device's name
    var name = device.getName();
    // get Flint Service Url
    var url = device.getUrlBase();
    // get unique device ID
    var uniqueId = device.getUniqueId();
// device lost
deviceScanner.on('devicegone', function(device) {
// start scanning
// stop scanning
// get device list

Use FlintSenderManager

var senderManager = new FlintSenderManager(
    appid, // application ID
    '', // Flint Service url
    true // keep heartbeat with Flint Service
// set Flint Service Url
// get custom additional data from receiver
// or
senderManager.on('customDataavailable', function(customData) {

Establish communication

  • create MessageBus

    var bus = null;
    // create anonymous MessageBus
    bus = senderManager.createMessageBus();
    // create named MessageBus
    bus = senderManager.createMessageBus('namespace');    
  • listen event

    messageBus.on('message', function(message) {
  • send message

    messageBus.send('some message');

Use WebRTC

  • create Peer

    var peer = senderManager.createPeer();
  • connect receiver

    // data connection
    // stream call
    senderManager.callReceiverPeer(stream, options);

Application control

  • get application's state

    var callback = function(result, state, additionaldata) {
        // result:true means success,false means failure
        // state:application's state,could be 'stopped','starting' or 'running'
        // additionaldata:additional data from receiver
    senderManager.getState(callback); // the first way
    senderManager.on('appstate', callback); // the second way
  • launch application

    var appInfo = {
        appUrl: url,
        useIpc: true or false,
        maxInactive: int
    var callback = function(type, result, token) {
        // type:event type, 'app' + the name of api, for example, if you call launch(),the type is 'applaunch'
        // result:true means success,false means failure
        // token:Flint Service response a token to sender to indicate this request
    // launch application:
    senderManager.launch(appInfo, callback); // the first way
    senderManager.launch(appInfo) // the second way
    senderManager.on('applaunch', callback);
    // relaunch application:
    senderManager.relaunch(appInfo, callback); //the first way
    senderManager.relaunch(appInfo) // the second way
    senderManager.on('apprelaunch', callback);
    // join application:
    senderManager.join(appInfo, callback); //the first way
    senderManager.join(appInfo) // the second way
    senderManager.on('appjoin', callback);
  • stop application

    var callback = function(type, result) {
        // type:event type, 'app' + the name of api, for example, if you call stop(),the type is 'appstop'
        // result:true means success,false means failure
    // stop application:
    senderManager.stop(appInfo, callback); //the first way
    senderManager.on('appstop', callback); //the second way
    // disconnect from Flint Service but donot stop application:
    senderManager.disconnect(appInfo, callback); //the first way
    senderManager.on('appdisconnect', callback); //the second way

More sample code, please refer to:

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      • Chromecast App Porting
    • [API Libraries](API Libraries)
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  • Matchstick
    • [Flashing Instructions](Flashing Instructions for Matchstick)
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