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This library is for accessing OpenFoodFacts data for food product, ingredients and nutritional data from within your go application. You can also get the Nutri-Score and the Eco-Score

Use of the OpenFoodFacts database is subject to the OpenFoodFacts Terms of Use, please read them before using this library in your application.

This library is copyright © 2019-2021 OpenFoodFacts. All rights reserved. Use of this library is governed by the MIT license which can be found in the LICENSE.txt file.


Package documentation

OpenFoodFacts API details

Go API wiki page

Usage details

This is a very simple example how to use the library in you go program.

package main

import (

func main() {
	api := openfoodfacts.NewClient("world", "", "")
	product, err := api.Product("0737628064502")

There are runnable examples in the examples subdirectory.


Ken Allan

Third party applications

If you use this SDK, feel free to open a PR to add your application in this list.