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i think it would be wonderful if every OF example was named ofApp instead of testApp. especially because:

class ofApp : public ofBaseApp {

is more natural than:

class testApp : public ofBaseApp {

given the rest of OF naming conventions. and it would increase consistency with things like:


this is a massive refactor that shouldn't be difficult, but should be done at the same time as something like a code formatting cleanup.


I also would like to see this change pushed.

It sounds really weird to see projects (even commercial ones) based on OF using testApp. It makes it look like a simple test application.


Wouldn't it make more sense to name each testApp to polygonExampleApp.h, oscReceiveExampleApp.h, etc.?

As I've recently realized, an "oF tutorial" is sometimes really more of a C++ tutorial. No one will necessarily figure out that the app name can be whatever they want unless they see many arbitrary examples.


I agree, the default name of "ofApp" would be better than "testApp."


I insist that actual unique names would be, educationally, by far the best.

graphicsExampleApp : public ofBaseApp {
polygonExampleApp : public ofBaseApp {


openFrameworks member

i agree with gimlids and actually programming interactivity uses it like that if i remember well


i understand where david/gimlids is coming from. if OF didn't have an active community, it would certainly be the most logical option.

but i still argue for ofApp because i know that no one takes the time to change it on a per project basis (this is certain). seeing graphicsExampleApp and polygonExampleApp spread throughout the forum would just make it more annoying to share code with each other.


That's valid.


I like ofApp

Brings us onto the renaming project from emptyExample issue in xcode4. Will bring that up on the forum


Couldn't we modify to automatically set the class name to whatever the new project name is? Is there a similar script for windows/mac?

scripts/linux/ apps/myApps/myFancyNewApp

would just autogen a myFancyNewApp project directory and make testApp.h/cpp -> myFancyNewApp.h/cpp

I used to just copy whatever was the closest example and start from that, but I love the cleanliness of


+1 for ofApp

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