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Richie site factory

This repository is a workbench for France Université Numérique to develop themed sites based on Richie, the CMS for Open Education.


First, make sure you have a recent version of Docker and Docker Compose installed on your laptop:

$ docker -v
  Docker version 19.03.10, build 9424aeaee9

$ docker-compose --version
  docker-compose version 1.25.5, build 8a1c60f6

Getting started

First, you need to activate the site on which you want to work. We provide a script that will list existing sites and let you choose one:

$ bin/activate
Select an available site to activate:
[1] demo (default)
[2] funmooc
Your choice: 2

# Check your environment with:
$ make info
RICHIE_SITE: funmooc

Once your environment is set, start the full project by running:

$ make bootstrap

This command builds the containers, starts the services and performs database migrations. It's a good idea to use this command each time you are pulling code from the project repository to avoid dependency-related or migration-related issues.

Once the bootstrap phase is finished, you should be able to view the site at localhost:8070

If you've just bootstrapped this project, you are probably planning to use AWS to store and distribute your media and static files. Luckily for you, we've cooked terraform scripts and a documentation for you! Read more about it: docs/


Managing services

If you need to build or rebuild the containers, use:

$ make build

Note that if the services are already running, you will need to stop them first and then restart them to fire up your newly built containers.

To start the development stack (via Docker compose), use:

$ make run

You can inspect logs (in follow mode) with:

$ make logs

You can stop all services with:

$ make stop

If you need to stop and remove containers (to drop your database for example), there is a command for that:

$ make down


Once the CMS is up and running, you can create a superuser account:

$ make superuser

To perform database migrations, use:

$ make migrate

You can create a basic demo site by running:

$ make demo-site

Note that if you don't create the demo site and start from a blank CMS, you will get some errors requesting you to create some required root pages. So it is easier as a first approach to test the CMS with the demo site.

Going further

To see all available commands, run:

$ make help


This project is intended to be community-driven, so please, do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any question related to our implementation or design decisions.

We try to raise our code quality standards and expect contributors to follow the recommandations from our handbook.

Upgrading to a newer richie version

Upgrading one or many projects to a newer version of richie is automated.

For example, to upgrade a specific site, test its build after upgrade and commit all changes:

bin/upgrade ademe --build --commit

To upgrade a list of 3 sites but without testing the build or committing the changes:

bin/upgrade ademe funcampus funcorporate

To upgrade all the sites handled in the site factory:

bin/upgrade --build --commit

Making a release

Making a release is automated. The choice between a minor or a revision type of release is determined by the presence of an addition, a change or a removal. A revision release is made if only fixes are present in the changelog, otherwise a minor release is made.

For example, to release a specific site and commit all changes:

bin/release ademe --commit

If you consider that the changelog contains breaking changes, you can force a major release by passing the parameter --major.

To release a list of 3 sites but without committing the changes:

bin/release ademe funcampus funcorporate --major

To release all the sites handled in the site factory:

bin/release --commit

After merging release commits to the master branch, you can tag them automatically by running:

bin/tag -c


This work is released under the GNU Affero General Public License v3.0 (see LICENSE).