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OGC API - Processes

This GitHub repository contains the OGC API - Processes for processing geospatial information on the web. It focuses on a simple RESTful core specified as reusable OpenAPI components with responses in JSON and HTML.

The latest published version of OGC API - Processes - Part 1: Core is found here in HTML or PDF.

The latest Editor's Draft version of OGC API - Processes - Part 1: Core (1.1 or 2.0) is found here in HTML or PDF.

The latest Draft of OGC API - Processes - Part 2: Deploy, Replace, Update is found here in HTML or PDF.

The latest Draft of OGC API - Processes - Part 3: Workflows and Chaining is found here in HTML or PDF.

OGC API standards define modular API building blocks to spatially enable Web APIs in a consistent way. OpenAPI is used to define the reusable API building blocks.


The OGC API - Processes enables the execution of computing processes and the retrieval of metadata describing their purpose and functionality. Typically, these processes combine raster, vector, and/or coverage data with well-defined algorithms to produce new raster, vector, and/or coverage information.

GET /processes

Lists the processes this API offers.

GET /processes/{process-id}

Returns a detailed description of a process.

GET /jobs

Returns the running and finished jobs for a process (optional).

POST /processes/{process-id}/execution

Executes a process, i.e. creates a new job. Inputs, outputs and the process id will have to be specified in a JSON document that needs to be send in the POST body.

GET /jobs/{job-id}

Returns the status of a job of a process.

DELETE /jobs/{job-id}

Cancel a job execution.

GET /jobs/{job-id}/results

Returns the result of a job of a process.

Using the standard

The standard is on the OGC website:

Those who want to just see the endpoints and responses can explore examples of developer-friendly OpenAPI definitions.

The reference version of the OpenAPI components and XML schemas are published in the OGC schema repository.

Several implementations of the draft standard exist:

Implementations of the draft specification / demo services


The contributor understands that any contributions, if accepted by the OGC Membership, shall be incorporated into OGC API - Processes standards documents and that all copyright and intellectual property shall be vested to the OGC.

The OGC API - Processes Standards Working Group (SWG) is the group at OGC responsible for the stewardship of the standard, but is working to do as much work in public as possible.

Pull Requests from contributors are welcomed. However, please note that by sending a Pull Request or Commit to this GitHub repository, you are agreeing to the terms in the Observer Agreement