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Thanks for checking out our repository. We love this project; hope you do too.

You can find our documentation in the docs directory. It's automatically rendered online at

Is readthedocs not working? Let us know by emailing or finding us on IRC at #openhatch on

The Future of OpenHatch

The OpenHatch code base will be in transition over the course of 2016. Here are some 2016 resolutions from the OpenHatch core team:

  • OpenHatch will focus on encouraging users and organizations to run Open Source Comes to Campus events. (This probably makes the best use of our volunteer energy.)
  • A new landing page for will be created and simplify access to useful resources. (It will probably be static HTML.)
  • The existing Django website will be archived as a time capsule of OpenHatch's past.
  • We will migrate the training missions to some kind of technology set that doesn't require us to maintain a backend. (Perhaps )
  • We will investigate migrating the wiki to another host, decoupling it from OpenHatch logins. (This will probably mean you'll have to do password resets to regain access to your account. Working out the details.)
  • We will try to find another community to house the volunteer opportunity finder, perhaps the nice people behind (It'd be nice if we can fix the constantly-broken bug importers, resulting in us contributing something novel to, namely the ability to search non-github projects. Probably this would result in us running the bug importers on the Heroku infrastructure, thanks to John's work.)
  • While we make these changes, we will continue to strive to be a welcoming and friendly community. That will mean, for example, helping people get their current pull requests merged if they're interested in the educational value of doing that.
  • We will have a regularly scheduled monthly development meeting that is open to all to participate.


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