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This is the repository for Open Source Comes to Campus, an event series designed by OpenHatch.

You are free to use these materials however you like. Everything in the repository is licensed CC-BY-SA 3.0.

Want to contribute to Open Source Comes to Campus? You can:

Look through the issue tracker for things to tackle. Run an event at a school. Prepare your project to be used to OSCTC attendees.

We strongly encourage you to come say hello to us!

####What's in this repository?

The repository contains four main folders:

  • curriculum
  • logistics
  • publicity
  • scripts

In curriculum, you will find three folders. handouts contains copies of handouts to print for student use. presentations contains .odp files used at events. diffpatchdemo contains materials used in the diff_patch_demo activity.

In logistics, you will find two folders. schedules contains copies of schedules to print for student use. mentors contains a draft of guidelines/handouts to give to mentors who'll be attending events.

In publicity, you will find one folder. flyers contains copies (mostly editable) of publicity flyers made for past events. You are welcome to edit and re-use them.

In scripts, you will find scripts for generating the publicity website. The context for using this script can be found here.

The repository contains a fair amount of obsolete material. It may be difficult to find the most relevant and up to date stuff - for help doing so, please contact us.

####What's not in this repository?

You can find more information about Open Source Comes to Campus: