Docker image for AutoArchive - a simple backup utility
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Docker image for AutoArchive - a simple backup utility


Create a simple backup with:

$ docker run --rm -v /path/to/data:/opt/aa/mounts -v /var/backups:/opt/aa/backup openhs/autoarchive backup

Content of the host directory /path/to/data will be archived as /var/backups/backup.tar.gz on the host.

For incremental backups the container needs to be kept because it will be re-run for subsequent increments. To create level 0 increment execute:

$ docker run --name data_backup -v /path/to/data:/opt/aa/mounts \
    -v /opt/backups:/opt/aa/backup openhs/autoarchive backup-incremental

Subsequent increments can be created with:

$ docker start -i data_backup

Advanced Usage

Custom archive configurations

For more fine grained control it is possible to specify custom archive configurations. To do so pass a host directory with your custom archive specification files as a volume mounted to /opt/aa/archive_specs.

Let's have two archive specification files -- one intended to backup /home and the other /etc directory on the host:

$ ls /var/archive_configs
home.aa  etc.aa
$ cat home.aa
path = /opt/aa/mounts
include-files = home
exclude-files =
$ cat etc.aa
path = /opt/aa/mounts
include-files = etc
exclude-files =

Hosts directories /home and /etc needs to be mounted into the container at the place where it is expected by AutoArchive (which is determined by path and include-files options above).

$ docker run --rm \
    -v /var/archive_configs:/opt/aa/archive_specs \
    -v /home:/opt/data/mounts/home \
    -v /etc:/opt/data/mounts/etc \
    -v /opt/backups:/opt/aa/backup \
    openhs/autoarchive --all

Option --all causes to create all configured backups which in our case are home and etc.

Interaction with existing containers

To interact with the existing container use --volumes-from Docker option. For example to show information about the incremental archive from the example above run:

$ docker run --rm --volumes-from data_backup openhs/autoarchive --list

AutoArchive help

To see help screen run:

docker run --rm openhs/autoarchive --help

Detailed description

AutoArchive is pre-configured with two archives: backup and backup-incremental. Both of them backup everything under /opt/aa/mounts and the resulting backup file is put into /opt/aa/backup within the container. Backup creation therefore requires specifying desired host directories as volumes mounted to the paths above.

The incremental backup creates 9 increments before restarting back to increment level 1. When restarting, new level 1 increment is created and all the old increments (level 2 to level 9) are removed.