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Dedicated Wice CRM data transformation component for platform based on JSONata


This component requires no authentication.

How it works

The component supports two actions - Transform to OIH and Transform from OIH. This means that the component takes the incoming message body from the previous step and creates a new expression in a JSON format. The new generated JSON object has specific properties which represent the input/output for the next/previous component in the flow. The uses a fact that JSONata expression is a superset of JSON document so that by default any valid JSON document is a valid JSONata expression.

Let's see how the action Transform from OIH works. For example let's take this sample incoming message body from OIH Database component and transform it to a valid Wice object:

  "rowid": msg.body.applicationRecordUid,
  "tenant": msg.body.tenant,
  "name": msg.body.lastName,
  "firstname": msg.body.firstName,
  "salutation": msg.body.salutation,
  "birthday": msg.body.birthday

The result of that transformation will be the following JSON document:

  "rowid": "198562",
  "tenant": "617",
  "name": "Doe",
  "firstname": "John",
  "salutation": "Mr.",
  "date_of_birth": "04.11.1980"

The action Transform to OIH works the same way. Let's take this incoming message body from Wice component:

  "recordUid": msg.body.rowid,
  "oihLastModified": jsonata("$now()").evaluate(),
  "firstName": msg.body.firstname,
  "salutation": msg.body.salutation,
  "birthday": msg.body.birthday,

The result of that transofrmation will be the following JSON document:

  "recordUid": "198562",
  "oihLastModified": "2018-06-11T09:41:45.679Z",
  "lastName": "Doe",
  "firstName": "John",
  "salutation": "Mr.",
  "birthday": "04.11.1980"


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