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Private, Encrypted calendar in the cloud with Blockstack
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OI Calendar

Private, encrypted calendar in the cloud using Blockstack Logo


  • create, read, update, delete events
  • publish events
  • send invitations
  • add events and calendars of other users or ics files
  • export/import in ical format

Move from Google Calendar

Google provides a private link that contains all your events. Unfortunately, Google does not let you easily use these events, you need either a CORS browser plugin.

  1. Copy your private Google calendar url
    • Login to Google Calendar and goto settings:
    • Select your calendar on the left side Select Select3
    • Scroll to the bottom
    • Copy the private address of your calendar containing your email address and ends with basic.ics Select3
  2. Add to OI Calendar
    • Open OI Calendar
    • Enable your CORS browser plugin
    • Paste the private address into the Paste url ... field and press enter
  3. Enjoy YOUR calendar!

App Developers

Add event via web intent


The following parameters are supported:

name description
intent "addEvent"
title the name of the event
start date string in zulu format
end date string in zulu format
via the organizer

Add calendar (read-only) via web intent


The following parameters are supported:

name description
intent "addics"
url the location of the calendar file in iCal format


This application utilizes react-big-calendar and react-datetime components to add and remove events to a calendar.

To clone and run this application locally, execute the following command:

git clone
cd oi-calendar
npm install
npm start
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