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OpenIntents Website

Between 2008 and 2015 the website was using drupal. Since then Github pages are used to decrease the maintance work. The focus is on Intent specifications.

Intent Specification for Writers

An Intent protocol is defined in a file in folder _intent_specs. The file has to be named as <action name>.md.

Start writing by creating a new file

The YAML frontmatter can contain the following properties

Property Description
title Title of the intents protocol
action Action name as it has to be placed in the manifest (same as file name without .md)
constant Java constant that can be used in source code instead of a string, e.g. android.content.Intent.ACTION_VIEW
uri Description what the data uri should contain
type Type of the data
extras List of extras
out Description of the return value, uri and list of extras returned
link Link to a website that describes the intent protocol as well or the use of it
component activity (default) or service or receiver
webintent Url of the web intent equivalent to the Android intent
webwish Url of the web wish equivalent to the Android intent
ios Name and link to ios extension equivalent to the Android intent
author Author of the specification
submitted Date when the specification was submitted to
hide_use flag to hide the auto-generated use section in the documentation (should be true for service and receiver)
hide_intent_filter flag to hide auto-generated intent filter example in the documentation
permalink must be set by service and receiver intents as well as specializations of intents (see below)
implemenations List of apps implementing the specification
name Name of specialization of intent (should not be used by main specification)

Extras are defines with the following properties:

Property Description
name Name of extra as it is used as the key
type Java type of extra
description Description of the content of extra
sample Value that should be used as part of the documentation to launch the intent
var Java variable name that should be used as part of the documentation to handle the result value

Implementations are defined with the following properties:

Property Description
name Name of the app
url Url to app store or website of app

Specializations of intent specs

Intent specifications are defined by its intent action. If there are intents that use e.g. different schema and have different behaviour these intent can be documented separately.

The path is action/[action]/[name], e.g.

The name of the file should match the name property. Name clashes with the main specification must be avoided.

OI Apps

See for all apps and more.