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8298341: Ensure heap growth in
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Reviewed-by: egahlin, stuefe
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kstefanj committed Dec 8, 2022
1 parent 1166c8e commit 46cd457
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Expand Up @@ -103,6 +103,15 @@ private static void generateEvents(Recording recording) throws Exception {
// Generate data to force heap to grow.

// To allow the two usage events to share a single NMTUsage snapshot
// there is an AgeThreshold set to 50ms and if the two events occur
// within this interval they will use the same snapshot. On fast
// machines it is possible that the whole heap contents generation
// take less than 50ms and therefor both beginChunk end endChunk
// events will use the same NMTUsage snapshot. To avoid this, do
// a short sleep.


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