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8261391: ZGC crash - SEGV in RevokeOneBias::do_thread #2571

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Just for now

@@ -64,7 +64,7 @@ class HandshakeOperation : public CHeapObj<mtThread> {
_requester(requester) {}
virtual ~HandshakeOperation() {}
void prepare(JavaThread* current_target, Thread* executioner);
void prepare(JavaThread* current_target, Thread* executing_thread);
void do_handshake(JavaThread* thread);
bool is_completed() {
int32_t val = Atomic::load(&_pending_threads);
@@ -280,14 +280,17 @@ class VM_HandshakeAllThreads: public VM_Handshake {
VMOp_Type type() const { return VMOp_HandshakeAllThreads; }

void HandshakeOperation::prepare(JavaThread* current_target, Thread* executioner) {
void HandshakeOperation::prepare(JavaThread* current_target, Thread* executing_thread) {
if (current_target->is_terminated()) {
// Will never execute any handshakes on this thread.
StackWatermarkSet::start_processing(current_target, StackWatermarkKind::gc);
if (_requester != NULL && _requester != executioner && _requester->is_Java_thread()) {
// The handshake closure may contains oop Handles from the _requester.
if (current_target != executing_thread) {
// Only when the target is not executing the handshake it self.
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dcubed-ojdk Feb 17, 2021

nit typo: s/it self/itself/

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robehn Feb 17, 2021
Author Contributor

Thanks, fixing!

StackWatermarkSet::start_processing(current_target, StackWatermarkKind::gc);
if (_requester != NULL && _requester != executing_thread && _requester->is_Java_thread()) {
// The handshake closure may contain oop Handles from the _requester.
// We must make sure we can use them.
StackWatermarkSet::start_processing(_requester->as_Java_thread(), StackWatermarkKind::gc);
@@ -447,6 +450,7 @@ void HandshakeState::process_self_inner() {
bool async = op->is_async();
log_trace(handshake)("Proc handshake %s " INTPTR_FORMAT " on " INTPTR_FORMAT " by self",
async ? "asynchronous" : "synchronous", p2i(op), p2i(_handshakee));
op->prepare(_handshakee, _handshakee);
if (async) {
log_handshake_info(((AsyncHandshakeOperation*)op)->start_time(), op->name(), 1, 0, "asynchronous");
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