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Full Webshop based on Tryton Nereid


Setting this module up is similar to the setup of any other tryton module.

Step 1: Create a virtualenv

virtualenv webshop

You can now activate the virtualenv

cd webshop
source bin/activate

Step 2: Clone and Setup the module

git clone
cd nereid-webshop
python install

This command would install all the required dependencies for the module to function.

Step 3: Setup Database

The module should now be available on the modules list and can be installed into any database. Setup a website as shown below:


You will have to create a guest user for nereid. The guest user would be the user which would be available in the context when there are no users logged into the website.

Ensure that you have the following too:

  • A pricelist
  • A payment_term

Step 4: Create an application script

Create an script which could lauch the application. A reference is provided in the web folder (

In most cases the only changes you may need are:

  • the DATABASE_NAME which should be the name of the database (from step 3).
  • the TRYTON_CONFIG which should be the location of the tryton config file.

You should now be able to run the development server by running the application using:


On pointing the browser to localhost:5000 you should be able to see the home page.


Step 5: Production Deployment


Step 6: Customization

For base customization in webshop you have to inherit base.jinja as follow:

{% extends "webshop/base.jinja" %}

6.1: Favicon and logo

Set custom favicon by setting icon path in SHOP_FAVICON variable before extending webshop/base.jinja as follows:

{% set SHOP_FAVICON = "<path to custom favicon>" %}
{% extends "webshop/base.jinja" %}
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