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See for the details of Language Grid and Service Grid Server Software.


Language Grid

ServiceManager Toolbox

Language Grid is an infrastructure for accumulating and sharing language Web services. Resources with complicated intellectual property issues are wrapped as language Web services and shared on the Language Grid, which includes the following libraries.

  • API library that enables developers to invoke language services which have been shared on Langauge Grid.
  • API library that enables developers to develop new language services by combining language services on Language Grid.
  • API library that enables developers to develop language web service from existing language resources.

Join Langauge Grid

Langauge Grid users can use or publish language services via Langauge Grid. To register Langauge Grid as its user, please follow the instruction described in following URL. Joininig the Language Grid:

Invoke Langauge Services

Langauge Grid users can develop language applications by using language services registered on Language Grid. The API libraries for invoking language services on Langauge Grid have been published on the following URL.

To use this API, the User ID and Password of Language Grid are required. These are issued when the registration of Language Grid. It also requires WSDL information of language services. (Please refer to tutorial of Multilingual Studio: Available services are able to be found using the Language Grid Service Manager.

Develop Language Services

Language Grid users can develop langauge services by using own langauge resources or softwares (We call it "Wrapping"). To wrap langauge services, please refer to the following manual.

Wrapped services which are deployed on web server can be registered on Language Grid Service Manager. Please refer to the following manual.

Develop Langauge Grid

The base system of Langauge Grid (Service Grid) has been published with LGPL licence. Anyone can join the development of Langauge Grid. In detail, please refer to the web site of Langauge Grid OSS project.

Multilingual tool using Language Grid

The following web tools have been developed by using Langauge Grid.

  • Language Grid Playground : In the Language Grid Playground, you can try a variety of language services registered in the Language Grid through a Web browser.
  • Langauge Grid Toolbox : Language Grid Toolbox supports communication in multilingual communities. We offer a hosting service for user organizations.


GNU Library or Lesser General Public License version 2.0 (LGPLv2)


If you release your software by using the software of this project, please include the following description in the documents or on the website.

[SOFTWARE] is one of:

If you publish a paper by using the software of this project, please cite the following book.

  • Toru Ishida Ed. The Language Grid: Service-Oriented Collective Intelligence for Laguage Resource Interoperability. Springer, 2011. ISBN 978-3-642-21177-5.


This repository has been managed by NPO Language Grid Association