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With the Open Legal Data API you can access various data from the legal domain, e.g. law text or case files. The data may be used for semantic analysis or to create statistics. For more information visit our website.

This Python package is automatically generated by the Swagger Codegen project:

  • API version: v1
  • Package version: 0.1.0
  • Build package: io.swagger.codegen.languages.PythonClientCodegen


Python 2.7 and 3.4+

Installation & Usage

pip install

If the python package is hosted on Github, you can install directly from Github

pip install git+

(you may need to run pip with root permission: sudo pip install git+

Then import the package:

import oldp_client 


Install via Setuptools.

python install --user

(or sudo python install to install the package for all users)

Then import the package:

import oldp_client

Getting Started

Please follow the installation procedure and then run the following:

from __future__ import print_function
import time
import oldp_client
from import ApiException
from pprint import pprint

# Configure API key authorization: api_key
configuration = oldp_client.Configuration()
configuration.api_key['Authorization'] = 'YOUR_API_KEY'
# Uncomment below to setup prefix (e.g. Bearer) for API key, if needed
# configuration.api_key_prefix['Authorization'] = 'Bearer'

# create an instance of the API class
api_instance = oldp_client.AnnotationLabelsApi(oldp_client.ApiClient(configuration))
data = oldp_client.AnnotationLabel() # AnnotationLabel | 

    api_response = api_instance.annotation_labels_create(data)
except ApiException as e:
    print("Exception when calling AnnotationLabelsApi->annotation_labels_create: %s\n" % e)

Documentation for API Endpoints

All URIs are relative to

Class Method HTTP request Description
AnnotationLabelsApi annotation_labels_create POST /annotation_labels/
AnnotationLabelsApi annotation_labels_delete DELETE /annotation_labels/{id}/
AnnotationLabelsApi annotation_labels_list GET /annotation_labels/
AnnotationLabelsApi annotation_labels_partial_update PATCH /annotation_labels/{id}/
AnnotationLabelsApi annotation_labels_read GET /annotation_labels/{id}/
AnnotationLabelsApi annotation_labels_update PUT /annotation_labels/{id}/
CaseAnnotationsApi case_annotations_create POST /case_annotations/
CaseAnnotationsApi case_annotations_delete DELETE /case_annotations/{id}/
CaseAnnotationsApi case_annotations_list GET /case_annotations/
CaseAnnotationsApi case_annotations_partial_update PATCH /case_annotations/{id}/
CaseAnnotationsApi case_annotations_read GET /case_annotations/{id}/
CaseAnnotationsApi case_annotations_update PUT /case_annotations/{id}/
CaseMarkersApi case_markers_create POST /case_markers/
CaseMarkersApi case_markers_delete DELETE /case_markers/{id}/
CaseMarkersApi case_markers_list GET /case_markers/
CaseMarkersApi case_markers_partial_update PATCH /case_markers/{id}/
CaseMarkersApi case_markers_read GET /case_markers/{id}/
CaseMarkersApi case_markers_update PUT /case_markers/{id}/
CasesApi cases_create POST /cases/
CasesApi cases_delete DELETE /cases/{id}/
CasesApi cases_list GET /cases/
CasesApi cases_partial_update PATCH /cases/{id}/
CasesApi cases_read GET /cases/{id}/
CasesApi cases_search_list GET /cases/search/
CasesApi cases_update PUT /cases/{id}/
CitiesApi cities_list GET /cities/
CitiesApi cities_read GET /cities/{id}/
CountriesApi countries_list GET /countries/
CountriesApi countries_read GET /countries/{id}/
CourtsApi courts_list GET /courts/
CourtsApi courts_read GET /courts/{id}/
LawBooksApi law_books_create POST /law_books/
LawBooksApi law_books_delete DELETE /law_books/{id}/
LawBooksApi law_books_list GET /law_books/
LawBooksApi law_books_partial_update PATCH /law_books/{id}/
LawBooksApi law_books_read GET /law_books/{id}/
LawBooksApi law_books_update PUT /law_books/{id}/
LawsApi laws_create POST /laws/
LawsApi laws_delete DELETE /laws/{id}/
LawsApi laws_list GET /laws/
LawsApi laws_partial_update PATCH /laws/{id}/
LawsApi laws_read GET /laws/{id}/
LawsApi laws_search_list GET /laws/search/
LawsApi laws_update PUT /laws/{id}/
StatesApi states_list GET /states/
StatesApi states_read GET /states/{id}/
TokenAuthApi token_auth_create POST /token-auth/
UsersApi users_list GET /users/
UsersApi users_me GET /users/me/
UsersApi users_read GET /users/{id}/

Documentation For Models

Documentation For Authorization


  • Type: API key
  • API key parameter name: Authorization
  • Location: HTTP header



Python SDK for accessing the Open Legal Data API






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