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MapTiler Toner GL Style

This is an adaptation of the Toner map style from Stamen Maps.

Start at:


🌐 Browse the map

Edit the Style

Use the map editor in MapTiler Cloud to view and adjust this map. Open the editor and upload style from this repository or host from various styles available on the platform.

Try style editor

Test updated Toner v2

Or use the Maputnik CLI to edit and develop the style. After you've started Maputnik open the editor on localhost:8000.

maputnik --watch --file style.json


For a browsable electronic map the copyright notice must appear in the corner of the map:

© MapTiler © OpenStreetMap contributors

For printed and static maps a similar attribution must be made in a textual description near the image, in the same fashion as if you cite a photograph.

Exceptions to attribution requirement can be in a written form granted by MapTiler AG ( The project contributors grant MapTiler AG the license to give such exceptions on a commercial basis.