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This project defines a Vagrantfile to set up a Virtualbox virtual machine with all required dependencies to successfully build the latest OpenNMS develop branch.

This should enable developers to easily get started without the hassle to worry about setting the environment up. It can also serve as a starting point if you want to setup a local development environment.


The following programs must be installed on your system.

  • Git The latest version of git must be installed.

  • Virtualbox The latest version of Virtualbox must be installed.

  • Vagrant The latest version of Vagrant must be installed.

  • Vagrant plugin vagrant-vbguest The plugin vagrant-vbguest must be installed.

  • Ports 8980, 8101 and 8001 must be available on your host machine. Please make sure no process is occupying these ports.

To verify if your system fulfills the requirements, the following commands should complete successful from your command line

git version
vagrant version
VBoxManage -version

In addition vagrant plugin list should contain vagrant-vbguest


  1. Create a working directory

    mkdir -p ~/dev
  2. Check out this repository locally

    git clone ~/dev/vagrant-opennms-dev
  3. Check out the latest opennms code locally

    git clone ~/dev/opennms
  4. Optional: Edit Vagrantfile and define OpenNMS repository directory to mount

    vi ~/dev/vagrant-opennms-dev/Vagrantfile
  5. Spin up the virtual machine

    cd ~/dev/vagrant-opennms-dev
    vagrant up
  6. Verify that everything worked

    vagrant ssh
In case you are asked for a username or password. The default user is ubuntu and the default password is vagrant.
  1. Compile

    vagrant ssh
    cd ~/dev/opennms
    time (./ && ./ -DskipTests && ./ -DskipTests -p dir)
  2. Setup OpenNMS

If the build was successfully, we have to setup OpenNMS

cd ~/dev/opennms/target/opennms-VERSION/
./bin/runjava -s && sudo ./bin/install -dis

9, Start OpenNMS

cd ~/dev/opennms/target/opennms-VERSION/
sudo ./bin/opennms start # normal mode
sudo ./bin/opennms start -t # debug mode