Helper scripts for setting an Angstrom development environment
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These are the setup scripts for the Angstrom buildsystem. If you want to (re)build packages or images for Angstrom, this is the thing to use.
The Angstrom buildsystem is using various components from the Yocto Project, most importantly the Openembedded buildsystem, the bitbake task executor and various application and BSP layers.

This Angstrom release (v2013.06) is officially Yocto Project Compatible with the Yocto Project release 1.4 ("Dylan").

To configure the scripts and download the build metadata, do:

	$ MACHINE=beagleboard ./ config beagleboard

You can change the 'beagleboard' in the commandline above into the machine you are targeting.

To start a build of the kernel, source the environment file and do:

	$ . environment-angstrom environment-angstrom-v2013.06
	$ MACHINE=beagleboard bitbake virtual/kernel

For an example workflow for dealing with kernels please read

To update the metadata, do:

	$ git pull
	$ ./ update

The script tries hard to keep your local changes while at the same time keeping close to the original config. Please keep the following in mind:

	* it will reset the origin URI based on layers.txt, so update layers.txt when changing a repo
	* it will do a 'git reset --hard <ref>' on locked down repos, so please create a new branch for your changes

If you find any bugs please report them here:

If you have questions or feedback, please subscribe to

Angstrom Distribution maintainers: Koen Kooi <>
                                   Khem Raj <>